Balzer from Berlin and Stoyanova from Sofia/Barcelona join hands to direct

HUMAN SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS – performances of long duration on specific themes. HUMAN SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS combines intimate individual encounters involving one performer and one spectator with a structure where members of the audience could move and observe freely.

The project is based on autobiographical material and specific research in relation to time, space and spectator. The performances of long duration take place in open spaces or integrate a site-specific format and give space for relationships between spectator and performer to evolve- one-on-one personal and intimate interactions. The working duo balzer-stoyanova also offer workshops on creating personal material and channel this knowledge into research of those axis.

balzer-stoyanova is part of the network in-touch that creates Human Specific Performing Art. This label is a denominator for new innovative works implementing Human Specific Principles. For more information click here

Balzer and Stoyanova are both performers and directors who have experimented with various methods to create their own performances. They share the love for collaborative work with intimate one-on-one performances created form autobiographic material. Since their first meeting in the Quietude project of Jill Greenhalgh in 2009, they have been collaborating in various levels in their artistic ventures. Their first collaboration was HOPE BBS (HOPE Berlin Barcelona Sofia), which culminated in three human specific installations in Berlin and Barcelona. Apart from working as performers with Cantabile 2, the Danish based theatre who has originally coined the term „human specific“, Balzer and Stoyanova are currently working in cooperation with Theatre Beast on a performance on discourses around sex-work and prostitution.

Maria Stoyanova is director of ATELIER ESCÉNIC (Barcelona) – a centre for actor‘s training, research and own creation. Every year ATELIER ESCÉNIC organises EXPERIMENTAL ROOM FESTIVAL in Barcelona, a festival for personal and intimate solo-performances. Please visit www.atelierescenic.com for more information

Eva Isolde Balzer is director of the project meet MIMOSA (Berlin) – a collective which deals with the state we experience when our perception of the self or the world is shaken. The project adds to critical academic discourses with movement, poetry and human presence. Please visit www.meet-mimosa.net for more information

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