balzer-stoyanova creates HUMAN SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS with local artists on matters that matter on site at this particular time.

HSI connects artists of different disciplines in a performance installation of long duration. It combines individual meetings of one performer&one spectator with a structure in which the audience members move and observe freely. HSI is a ritual in which the distinction between performers and spectators becomes blurry and a space of interaction is opened. The heart of the performance are very personal individual performances that take place simultaneously over the full duration of the performance. It unites in every performance different artists – local performers sometimes in combination with performers from the team around BalzerStoyanova – professionals or in specific setups students as well as amateurs.

The project HSI unites various artists on the base of mutual respect and support. It connects artists who want to share, develop and challenge their individual styles in a frame of collectivity and create an special and intimate contact with the spectators. HSI therefore researches a multilingual communication – a scenic language which integrates different elements from different artistic disciplines -based on trust, openness and serious commitment. Thus a multilayered approach, offering various perspectives, opens for the audience a space of complex experience around of a specifically chose theme.





The in-touch network for human specific performing art (HSPA) that has been initiated by Nullo Facchini/Cantabile2, defines it as artwork that:

  • offers personalised and intimate experiences to the members of the audience.
  • is designed to receive small audience groups or individuals in order to relate individually to each person
  • is dependent on audience participation
  • facilitates genuine encounters in immersive environments
  • explores and employs different forms of sensorial communication
  • allows audience members to navigate through an aesthetic and sensuous universe




relationships: performer and spectator

This changing perception of relationship – perception of ME and YOU – is questioned and researched in contact between artist and spectator. The commitment of the HSI – artists to their own forms/styles or the deep anchor in the personal experience of amateur-performers- gives them the freedom to open themselves for an honest exchange. Here, intimacy and respect are two pillars. This allows a very subtle – and tender – shift of hierarchy. Each performer becomes to a certain extent spectator, each spectator becomes to a certain extent performer. One of the central characteristics, which make that shift is the creation of a one-on-one contact between a performer and a spectator. This contact is witnessed and observed by spectators-performers and performer-spectators.


time: long duration

Central to the project is the creation of long duration performances. We share the prospects of Marina Abramovic, that in our days, where information – especially the one concerning terrible events – is passing by so quickly, that we have difficulty to retain whatever is happening inside and outside of us. Our internal impulses are constantly interrupted by external demands. The long hours of performance allow the tension in the space to shift according to its own rhythm – a specific atmosphere establishes with time. The HSI-performances open the audience a space of experience, of self-perception, of human contact. They are on a ground where one can explore, transform or jump over one‘s own‘s limits and get in touch with oneself – the silence in oneself.


space: listened to and activated

Space refers to the physical space – „the building“ as well to the social/political surrounding. The content – the specific focus of each performance – is defined by the themes which matter to the artists who live in those places at that specific time on a very personal level – and therefore transgresses the personal. The spaces will be listened to and activated by the presence of those specific necessities.