Voices of spectators and performers

Voices of spectators:

 „… it is full of generosity…i am touched and thankful…



„…I could have continued for the whole night.»



„…absolutely amazing… Borders between subject and object were so fluent, just like the ones between fascination and fear . . . I think I have never looked into someone‘s eyes for as long as into your performer‘s …“




Voices of performers:


„The spectators got me, I didn‘t get them. I was on my ass, how they were …. I took so much from them. I thought it would be the other way around, but… We all crossed borders.“



„There was a focus on everything in every moment, but still the focus was shifting.“



„I realised that I am doing this not because of art, not because I am supposed to be an artist…I need to find answers what I am doing on this planet….  And here, in this project, I found something.“