*** balzer-stoyanova is part of the network in-touch that creates Human Specific Performing Art. This label is a denominator for new innovative works implementing Human Specific Principles. For more information click here
*** The next Human Specific Installation will take place in Berlin in july/august 2015. Please contact Balzer or Stoyanova if you are interested to participate or for more information.
*** From 2014 to 2016 balzer-stoyanova are collaborating with Teater Baest (DK) on a project about the discourses on sex-work in Europe today. News coming soon….
*** 2013 and 2014 is reserved for private exchange about methodologies and artistic directions.

*** 10 days of research in Barcelona in collaboration with La Cháchara – espai d’art i idees. – From 1st to 10th of december 2012.