HOPE – 48 hours NON STOP

HOPE BBS presented the site-specific performance „HOPE – 48 hours NON STOP“ from 17-19. June 2011 during the festival 48 hours Neukölln/Berlin for a duration of 48 hours. The subtitle of this human installation was ART-MONEY-DIGNITY. It was publicised as one of the festival- highlights by the organisers and was nominated for the festival- art-prize. It brought together 9 performers for 48 hours and 13 visiting performers who intervened with short duration performances. The artists came from various countries. The site-specific performance took place in the former kindl-brewery – a unique and charming location in Neukölln.



The performers followed a timeplan that allowed the daily needs to be met publicly at individual timings – with the exception of the toilet. The performers slept for 6 hours, showered and cooked in the kitchen at their specific hours. This timing assured the performance to continue during 48 hours with somebody showering/washing, cooking and performing at each moment of the day and the night. The kitchen built the central point of the performance. It was never left without a cooking performer during the duration 48 hours.


Each performance had a sign where the audience could inform themselves about the performer, the background of the performance, the special conditions for the artist and about the means by which the audience members could interact with them. The spectators could purchase a specific item for each performer in the kitchen, and thereby buy a specific interaction with a performer.

 The performance was visited by several thousands of spectators.

Direction: Maria Stoyanova

Co-direction: Eva Isolde Balzer

Coordination: Inna Weber

Design and audiovisuals: Toni Alonso

Set design: Ana F. Furelos


Toni Alonso

Eva Isolde Balzer

Ana F. Furelos

Irantzu González (Iri Eder)

Eduardo Pancorbo

Carmina Pérez

Carmen Romero

Albert G. Sauri

Maria Stoyanova

Visiting Performers:

Colective General Humana

Regina Gisbertz


Louise Mills


Jasmin Riebensahm

Stephan Weitzel

Manickam Yogeswaran