HOPE – a performance of long duration

HOPE BBS presented „HOPE – a performance of long duration“ on 15. April 2011 at the Uferstudios/Tanzfabrik Berlin for the duration of 5 hours. 10 sub-performances focused in 10 stations on 10 questions by the performance artist Guillermo Gomez Peña.

What are the new reasons for sitting at a table together so to speak in a time where all progress of political projects seem to be bankrupt?

 What binds our otherwise extremely diverse ethnic identities, aesthetics and community concerns? Is it perhaps the search for „radical“ tolerance and for a new way of presenting and distributing important ideas? . . . Or the need to find a new spirituality emerging out of the debris of our recently fallen world?

 How can we continue to deal with extremely sensitive issues without sounding self-righteous or scaring away our audiences?

 What are the possible future forms of the performance art?

 Is it possible to make politically pertinent art (not political art) in the face of globalisation gone wrong, government censorship, panic culture, mindless interactivity, reality TV and the general passivity of the citizenry?

 Can we get our audience to co-create the work with us?

 Are we able to recuperate the possibility of change in a society like ours, in which all changes implode or are instantly commodified?

What are the new borders we must cross?

What is our new place and role as performance artists in the new century?

What do words like RADICAL, TRANSGRESSIVE, REBELLIOUS and OPPOSITIONAL mean to you as an artist after 9/11?[1]


Direction: Maria Stoyanova
Co-direction: Eva Isolde Balzer
Production: Inna Weber
Supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin

Eva Isolde Balzer
Johanna Devi
Iri Eder
Regina Gisbertz
Ana F.Furelos
Louise Mills
Giorgia Minisini
Eduardo Pancorbo
Phillippe Rives
Carmen Romero
Albert G.Sauri
Maria Stoyanova
Eva Priyanka Wegener
Laura Werres
Stephan Weitzel
& others


[1] Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Ethnotechno