HOPE Experience

HOPE BBS presented „HOPE – Experience“ on the 22.05.2011 for 5 hours in Antic Teatre in Barcelona. It brought together several performers in a human installation, reflecting about their life and dreams today in Barcelona. The side-specific performance played in the garden, cafe, offices, backstage, staircases and the stage of the theatre. The performance is the result of seven workshops over a period of seven months.



Direction: Maria Stoyanova

Responsible of the workshop-group: Josep Ferragut

Coordination and production: Nuria Nava

Graphic design and audiovisuals: Toni Alonso

supported by Antic Teatre, Barcelona


Josep Ferragut

Esther Freixa

Vera Garcia

Sigrid Kollmannsperger

Annalisa Terrizzi

Paulina Tovo

Sonia Vidal


Collaborating Performers:

Valentina Carlone

Diana Gadish

David Gol

Ana Patricia Jimenez

Miner Montell

Eduardo Tilve

and others

with special thanks to Semolinika Tomik